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Fast ForWord

The power of technology in conjunction with professional intervention (assessments, monitoring, coaching) can be used by families to optimize early learning opportunities.  The Fast ForWord family of programs can be used to help children struggling with Auditory Processing, Listening and Language challenges, Reading difficulties and Attention and Memory challenges. The Fast ForWord programs are designed to be used
intensively to achieve success. As a Fast ForWord Provider, I want children to be successful! This means that parents need to understand how the program works and the family needs to be committed to completing the recommended number of weeks at the protocol set up for their child. Parents can visit the Scientific Learning website:  to assess whether Fast ForWord makes sense for their child before contacting me to enrol.

Fast ForWord software is backed by more than 240 research studies, including by institutions like Stanford University, Cornell University, Johns Hopkins and UCSF Medical Center.

How to Enrol in a Fast ForWord Program

My practice is set up for families to do Fast ForWord from home. The process involves establishing baseline information, whether from existing assessments from school or from other professionals. If no prior testing is available, I provide testing.  It is also possible for students to do Fast ForWord for enrichment even if there are no concerns about deficits.  Once parents decide to enrol their child I arrange a FastForWord set-up appointment with the student and a parent.  During this set-up appointment I train the student how to use the exercises and I show them how to log in. Once the student starts the training, I provide remote coaching through phone-calls or e-mails. In some instances a child may need to come in to the office to work on some areas that he/she may be struggling with.  My fees are based on a set-up fee and weekly monitoring fees. I recommend not more than 6 to 8 weeks at any one time.  Families should consider the timing of taking on a program such as Fast ForWord because there is more chance of success when compliance is good! Please scroll down for more information. 

Further Considerations

How Can My Child Use Fast ForWord at Home? Since Fast ForWord is web-based, it is easy to use at home. You will need:  1.  An Internet connection. 2. A Windows (XP or later) or Mac (OS X 10.5 or later) computer.  3.  A pair of over-the-ear headphones. Headphones with a Y-adapter allows the parent or coach to listen in while the child is working.

What Kind of Learning Environment Do I Need to Set Up for My Child?
The location in which your child uses the program should encourage him/her to stay focused.  The ideal
environment has a comfortable chair, is adequately lit and is quiet and free of distractions.

How Many Days a Week Should My Child Use Fast ForWord at Home?
The best results are gained when a student works for five consecutive days a week, for a minimum of 30 minutes per day.  The course is usually completed after  6 to 8 weeks, occasionally it takes longer.

How Else Can I Help My Child Be Successful?
Make sure your child knows that you value his/her participation in the program. Let  them be part of the planning, and let them know from their Provider, the progress they are making. Let there be an end-date in sight! Stay in close contact with your Provider.

What changes might you see as your child uses Fast ForWord products?
Increased self-esteem. A new enthusiasm for learning. Better listening and communication
skills. Improved ability to follow directions.   Increased reading performance.